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Finding the right partnership for your brand can be tough.

Let’s make sure we are a good fit!

Are you a company looking for a health writer?

I love combining my passion for writing with my experience and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. As a functional medicine dietitian, I GEEK out at all things science and research. But, I also consider myself somewhat of an artist. I’ve mastered the art of educating the public, yet still evoking emotion, inspiration, and curiosity through my writing.

My general communication style as a health writer is conversational yet informative and backed by research. However, I pride myself in taking on the tone and personality of each individual company.

I’ve worked as a registered dietitian for 8 years and a functional medicine writer for 4 of these years, so I know how to take science-backed information and turn it into actionable advice!

Possible Health Writing Collaborations:

  • Blog Writing – with or without SEO optimization.
  • Ghost Writing.
  • Magazine Articles (online or print).
  • Online e-book or e-course contributions.

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